FIZZY FEAST / pisco, st. germain elderflower, lemon, cava
SOHO GINGER / soho lychee, absolut vodka, lime, ginger beer
AMARETTO SOUR / Sons of Vancouver n°82, orange, lemon, egg white
CHAMOMILLE MARTINI / gin, st-Germain, lemon
WHISKEY MIST / cinnamon, frangelico, cream
THE ROSE MALLOW / gin, lemon, hibiscus syrup
CLASSICS with a twist
CHILI CAESAR / Sons of Vancouver chili vodka, worcestershire, clamato
SPICY MARGARITA / jalapeno tequila, triple sec, jalapeno, lime, jalapeno salt rim
CUCUMBER GIN & TONIC / gin, cucumber, cracked pepper, tonic
WHITE NEGRONI / vanilla gin, luxardo bitter bianco, white vermouth
MARGARITA / tequila, triple sec, lemon, lime, salt rim
CAESAR / vodka, worcestershire, tobasco, clamato, olive
RED SANGRIA /  wine, apricot brandy, peach schnapps
COSMOPOLITAN / vodka, triple sec, lime, cranberry juice
NEGRONI / gin, campari, sweet vermouth
BOULEVARDIER / bourbon, campari, sweet vermouth
OLD FASHIONED / whiskey, bitters, orange
MANHATTAN / choice of bulleit, makers mark, woodford reserve
VODKA MARTINI / choice of absolut, ketel one, belvedere, grey goose
GIN MARTINI / choice of beefeater, bombay, tanqueray, hendricks